Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What's Up Doc?

I'm just going to put this out up front this is a rant about cartoons. I was watching the cartoons on Saturday on Channel 11 and I was disgusted. I hadn't watched Saturday morning cartoons in a few months because I would wake up too late or I had to do other things. I watched these so called "cartoons" and I was very displeased. There were no good shows on there at all. I remember better shows. I remember Animaniacs, I remember Scooby Doo, I remember Tom and Jerry, I remember them all. All I see nowadays is anime crap like pokemon, yu-gi-oh, and digimon. ABC used to have Bugs Bunny on it until Disney bought it now they show Hannah Montana and High School Musical and all of that garbage. WHERE IS MICKEY? Fox is a little better with the TMNT show they have, but nothing else is good. They have a show based on the video game Viva Pinata. There are a few simple reasons why cartoons are crap in the 21st century. First, everything is CGI and computer animated and not handdrawn. Handdrawn cartoons had more heart and soul in them. Next, is the anime craze I mentioned before. I think Japanese Anime creators know if they make an Anime show with characters that kids can collect, then their show will do well anyway even if there is basically no plot. Last, the FCC is also a reason cartoons suck today. The FCC made tv networks in the 1990's make cartoons have morals and be educational, so when cartoonmakers were making cartoons, they were focusing more on the message of the cartoon and less on the plot.
Old cartoons are kind of an eccentric hobby of mine. I love them because they are well made and the plots are excellent. If you want some good cartoons with plenty of surrealism watch Felix the Cat cartoons. They have no sound, but are amazing. They're like Charlie Chaplin movies but with an animated cat. Cartoons bring out an innocence in children that nonanimated shows could never do.


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