Saturday, June 20, 2009


A God among men,
They followed him,
Like sheep to the shepherd,
His ability overwhelming,
His name known throughout the land,
In the days of 15 minute fame,
His glory went on for days.

There could be no more love between him and his father,
His hero, his idol, his friend,
The epitome of excellence,
The only thing greater than the admiration,
Was the deception.

A dreadful secret,
A terrible truth,
A child of pride,
He drinks from the sickening cup,
Becoming lost in himself,
He plummets into the everlasting dust of hope.

His feelings overwhelm him,
His body and brain turn to mush,
A ghost in a ghastly world,
A lost soul,
A life unfulfilled,
A “fib” of the man,
That was once Biff.

*Finally putting this poem up because Honors English is over. This is the poem I made for Marisa Simone's project. I hope you like it, I think it's good.