Thursday, October 9, 2008

More A Question Than A Curse: "How Could Hell Be Any Worse?"

That's from Los Angeles is Burning by Bad Religion. It's another punk selection for my blog. Talking to Thales today made me think about why my mother is such a horrible bitch and why I had to have her as my mother.My first theory was that before I was born my eternal soul made some sort of Faustian deal or pact with the Devil and my mortal body has to pay the price. In this sense, my mother is just a tool for the Devil to permanently screw me over. She will be my permanent ball and chain until either of us dies. The funny thing was I was talking about this in Mrs. Fischer's English Class. She told me I was kind of scaring her. I can't imagine what Parent-Teacher Conferences are going to be like.
Mrs. Fischer:"Mrs. Steinklein your son has a good A- average but talks about making pacts with the Devil."
Another thought was maybe there is actually reincarnation and I'm being punished for sins I did in the past by being given this horrible mother.
Last thought is maybe where I am now is actually Hell and my mother is my punishment. There are some people who think Hell isn't a hot place; they think hell would be suited to what you hate most. What do I hate most? My mother!

Have a Nice Day! (Like Bon Jovi!)

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