Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Would Rather Have Corspes On Our Conscience Than Diamonds On Their Necks

Their foot shall slide in due time,
Men's hands cannot be strong when We rises up,
The strongest have no power to resist us,
nor can any deliver out of our hands.

Though hand join in hand,
And Lies beget lies,
They are easily broken in pieces,
Before the devouring flames.

Their foot shall slide in due time.

They deserve to be executed,
Hung by their laurels,
Infinite punishment,
True justice never stands in the way.

Their foot shall slide in due time,
Infinite punishment.

The pit is prepared,
The fire is made ready,
Fiendish principles reigning,
Only in the natures of men.

*Greatly based on Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards

Monday, November 2, 2009

<3 Panda

Soft and strong,
Dark and light,
Yin and Yang,
Black and white.

He slowly shuffles over,
Beautiful lovelight in his eyes,
He grabs me,
And gathers me in his warm embrace.

I am happy,
He is happy,
I know He'll never let go,
He's my <3 Panda.

*This is dedicated to Lissette Rodriguez and her stuffed panda bear Seth. She requested this poem, but Seth really is a cutie pie, so I think this greatly represents him.


Misty morning fog,
Wailing weeping willows,
Leaning against a sky of royal blue,
The lily pads dance before me.

Golden glourious sun,
Beams from up above,
The valley lies below,
I fly like a dove,
Time and space are finally one.

The first kiss,
Like vines wrapping around our hearts,
After everything else ends,
Love is all that will remain.

Nature's quite a lady,
But I need your love,
Nature's quite a lady,
But you're my Wonderlust.