Thursday, October 25, 2012

Alaskan Chocolate Milk

One time I went up to Alaska for the winter.

One of the things I noticed there was,
Everyone drank chocolate milk.

They didn't drink soda or coffee or regular milk,
Only chocolate milk.

I asked them why,
They just said fuck off.

I thought there must be something magical,
In that Alaskan chocolate milk,
So I tried it.

It was nothing special,
Nothing great,
I actually think it was Nesquick.

There was something special about Alaskan chocolate milk though,
It made me smile through the cold.

So I drank chocolate milk all winter.

Chips Part 2

Another thing about chips is,
You have this phenomenon where,
People will bitch for days and days,
About how many chips are in a bag of chips.

I don't get it,
You'll accept rising gas prices,
Planned obsolescence,
Overbearing college loans.

But nope,
The ratio of air to chips is important.

Do bags of chips represent us,
Who we are as people?

Maybe we're all just bags of air,
With a few chips left inside.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Chips are that miscellaneous snack,

Chips and pretzels,

Pretzels and chips,

Grab, grab, grab, grab, grab,

You never know how many you have,

But it's never enough.

It's ok,
You'll go to the gym tomorrow.

You deserve this,
You had a rough day.


That kiddie crack,

You pop on your favorite show,

That slow smile spreads across your face,

You're in heaven.

Buildings may crumble,

People might perish,

Love may die,

It will slip through your fingers like jelly,

But there will always be chips.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Why am I not a butterfly,
Who only lives a day?

Why does work never end,
But happiness does?

Why do people park in driveways,
And drive in parkways?

Why would people invent time,
But  use it to enslave themselves?

Why does my cat,
Like my mother more than me?

Why doesn't God show himself?
That rat bastard.

Why can't food ever make me feel as good,
As a certain girl?

Why don't you answer my questions,
Why oh why oh why?

Because, Because, Because...

The pounding in my head,
Will never equal the pounding in my heart.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Road Rage

When the roads become full,
Out comes La Chupacabra,
To save the day again.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Whose smile rings truest of all?

Happiness is the sweetest of ciders,
A most toxic brew.

Sometimes we catch the sky crying,
We just happen to call it rain.

I dedicate this poem to Sara Bacon. She helped me write it when I didn't have my laptop and really inspired me. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Life and Death (A Sonnet)

Death waits for me,
But I am not afraid,
Universal harmony,
The eternal masquerade.
I will live,
One foot over the edge,
A heart combustive,
My solemn pledge.
But death will wait,
As long as I need,
I have a date,
With a girl who makes me weak.
Love is the fire,
Eternal happiness and desire.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tom Tom

Little Tom Tom,
Little kitten in the corner,
Mewing oh so softly,
Your love light shines luminescent.

I envy you friend,
Catching table scraps,
Daily pettings,
These things make you happy.

I wish I could be like you,
But I cannot,
I can still learn,
And take your gifts in stride.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Modern Monster


Hear me,
Hear me for the first time,
How many of you know who I am?
The answer is none.

I look into your eyes,
I don't know you but,
I look deep into your eyes,
Searching for something I can't find.






Time soldiers on,
With the wink of an eye,
And a mischievous smile,
What are you going to do?

The vicious tantalizing brew,
Hopelessness and ennui,
Time keeps passing,
But you don't really care do you?






Live life with passion,
Grow seeds in your heart,
That turn into trees,
Be the hurricane in a field of drizzle.

Eliminate the status quo,
I'll live everyday like I'm born again,
Happily fearing death,
But having no regrets.








The Modern Monster,
Scared, neglected, detested,
Tormented reality,
Qu'est-ce que c'est?

I am the hound biting at heels,
Clean me, groom me, primp me, prune me,
Whatever you may say or do,
I'll always be your worst nightmare.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Little Foxes

Once upon a time,
In a faraway wood,
Lived a noble young fox,
With a beautiful heart.

She had friends in the wood,
Squirrels and birds and rabbits and such,
All of them fine,
But her soul was not satisfied.

The grapes tasted sour,
The water tasted dull,
The flowers smelt stale,
Everything was yet it was not.

She said to her friends,
To the squirrels and the birds and the rabbits,
"I need to find my place in life,
I need to find who I am."

The fox left on her journey,
With nothing to her name,
But sunshine,
And her admirable will.

Crunch, Crackle.
Crackle, Crunch.

The fox runs through the forest,
Never looking back,
With every step,
A new memory created.

So she ran and ran,
Careless and free,
Enjoying her serendipity,
Until she happened upon a wolves' den.

The wolves stopped her in her tracks,
Wanted to know if she was food or friend,
She looked like a wolf,
Yet she did not.

The fox said she was an orange wolf,
From the other side of the wood,
Said her den was getting too big,
And wanted to join their pack.

She hunted and stalked,
And played with their cubs,
But her throat grew sore,
From howling every night.

She said to her friends,
To the wolves and baby cubs,
"I need to find my place in life,
I need to find who I am."

Krinkle, Crisp.
Crackle, Crunch.

The fox ran and ran,
Careless and free,
Enjoying her serendipity,
Until she happened upon a bear's cave.

The bear lived alone,
He was sweet and old,
Being partially blind,
He wanted to know if the fox was friend or foe.

The fox said she was an orange bear,
From the other side of the wood,
Said the fish was running out of the river,
And wanted to join his cave.

The fox and the bear,
Lived happily together,
Swimming and fishing,
Loving and learning.

One fateful night,
The old bear went to sleep,
The next day Death came,
And the old bear slept forevermore.


In her sadness,
The noble fox ran and ran,
Ran as fast as she could,
To avoid the terrible pain.

One day as she was running,
A young male fox came into view,
Minding his business,
Gathering some grapes.


The two foxes crashed into each other,
Rolling and tumbling,
Uncertain excitement,
Until they finally stopped.

She looked into his eyes,
And his unassuming smile,
Smiled her own,
And took his paw in her own.

The grapes taste sweet,
The water tastes fresh,
The flowers smell fragrant,
Everything Is.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I have died a thousand deaths,
I have been reborn.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Love

Mighty be the powers of our love,
That call upon life unseen,
To bring our hearts together,
In beautiful serendipity.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Giving Tree

One fine spring day,
I found a petite little seed,
With one kiss,
I gave it life.

I dug it into the Earth,
I watered her,
I sang to her,
I tried to make her happy.

Eventually a sprout came,
A beautiful little sprout,
With fragrant little leaves,
And roots that ran deep.

A righteous urge,
A dutiful delight,
A smile on my face,
An amazing happiness in my heart.

Birds in the sky,
Breeze drifting by,
Sun shining bright,
All of us connected.

From seed to sprout to tree,
I've learned to love,
A giving tree,
Gave me so much with so little.

A new day,
A new life,
A new world,
All for me.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Barbwire Eyeliner

The prison is her mind,
Eyeliner lines the cage like a barbwire fence,
Trapping her in the confines of conformity.

She wanted to be happy,
Everyone told her to be happy,
It was all a lie,
That stung deeper and deeper as time rolled on.

The girl looked for love,
That happiness you find,
In Those Forgotten Places,
That Lasts For All Of Time.

She could not find it,
Society would not let her,
They told her to buy and consume,
Buy and consume.

She became society's tool,
Shirts and shoes,
Boys and toys,
A state of temporary inebriation.

The barbwire became too high,
The spikes too sharp,
She could not escape,
So she put on more eyeliner.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Eternal

I'm going to a party,
Alone and unaware,
That something frightening,
Will soon be there.

I start dancing,
Faster and faster,
Unaware that something frightening,
Will soon be there.

Eyes wide,
And mouths drop,
The crowd departs,
A solemn silence remains.

Blood and sweat drips,
Dancing like a demon,
Unaware that something frightening,
Will soon be there.

Moving so fast,
Bones jump from skin,
Unaware that something frightening,
Will soon be there.

So light and gay,
Dancing into the sky,
Unaware that something frightening,
Will soon be there.

Dancing and dancing,
From infinity to hell,
I come upon the Demon Princess,
In an eternal embrace.


Beauty effervescent,
A heart bursting with light,
Her presence is a fire,
It burns like a nova,
Exploding ideas,
Raining thoughts,
Inspiring action.

Sweet and Sour

She's sweet as pie,
Sweet as can be,
Sweet as this poem,
That's more than a little cliche.

There's nothing sour about her,
Not that I can see,
The only thing that is sour,
Is that she cannot be with me.