Friday, October 17, 2008

The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost!

That's actually a quote by Malcom X if anyone is interested. The reason I say this is because my jewish orthodox aunt is getting a Get. A get is a jewish divorce document. Divorces rarely happen to orthodox jews because they basically cant afford it and it is morally frowned upon. Thats basically why I'm against matchmaking and online dating websites. My aunt got her first and second husbands chosen by a matchmaker. Matchmakers are basically women over 40 who have no special skills except for meddling and messing with people's lives. Many of these matchmakers actually believe they are helping people! Online dating sites aren't much better. They use the halo effect to gain ignorant people to give up money. The halo effect is when you hear something's good, then you automatically assume its good. For example, if a pizza place says its the best in New York, you are going to try the pizza and even if it tastes like shit, you will think it tastes really good. Its the same with online dating sites. They promise Prince Charming, so even if a single woman goes out on a date with a medium guy she will think the guy is like Prince Charming. I believe this is what happened to my mother. She went on a dating site and met a guy named Joe. Because the site promised true love, she is now in love with him. Joe is the most boring man I have ever met and a Conservative Republican. I don't know if it was the halo effect that got my mother to "fall in love" or that Joe was so boring that he became my mother's bitch.

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