Saturday, October 4, 2008

I Watched the Dogs of War Enjoying Their Feast...

That lyric is from Hole in the Sky by Black Sabbath. It's a great song by the way. Let's talk about war baby. I personally am not against war. You're saying WHOA WHOA! What are you a Republican? No I'm not a Republican. Just listen up. Ants and chimpanzees have been fighting in interspecial wars before us. People have been fighting in wars for over 5000 years. I am a firm believer in the Malthusian Theory. This theory states that war happens when a population becomes too great for a country to handle and there are not enough resources for the population. Populations increase until they are decreased by war, disease, or famine. That's why there aren't as many wars today as there were in ancient times because we in the Western World have enough advances in agriculture to support bigger populations and birth control slows down poulation. That's why sometimes war is needed to lessen population and to even out bad blood. I would rather have someone die in a war they volunteered in, then a person who dies unvoluntarily to cancer or another bad disease. That was interesting.

Catch Ya Later (I'm doing new farewell phrases every blog.)

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