Monday, August 31, 2009

Poppy's Circus

Little Poppy Perrywinkle was in love with the clowns,
The lovable face,
The ludicrous shoes,
The handsome, ridiculous grin,
Clowns made Poppy cry,
and shake with laughter.

One day daddy said,
"I don't care if this is what you dread,
I gave you a warning ahead,
Little Poppy cried out, "Please let me go,
Please let me see the amazing circus show,
I'll do anything you ask mow, grow, and even snow."

Tommy drank some Pepsi to steady his nerves,
To prepare him for what he was gonna observe,
For the trapeze,
He was light as a breeze,
For the lions,
Tommy started to lighten,
But then came the merry andrew*,
With his laughs and fun and games,
Made little Tommy cry in fits of laughter.

Then little Poppy went to the john,
And when he was done his parents were GONE!!!
He searched and searched and searched the tents,
Until he was finally spent.

Some clowns came over to Little Poppy,
And said, "We can help you find your mommy"
So he happily followed the comics,
Into a tent smelling of popcorn and candy.

Little Poppy searched he did,
But the clowns they found them they did,
They sat the parents down in little brown chairs,
And they chanted," Your boy's a fun player,
His talent's a ton,
I hope he will join our lair and wear what we wear,
Little Poppy cried,
"I would love to join your clan"
Then his wonderful journey began.

First the clowns took off their paint,
Tommy looked on without a complaint,
These clowns were not angels, or saints,
But just men with happiness in their hearts,
And souls that were merry,
The men took out their tools of teaching,
They were surprisingly puppets,
They put on a show,
And Poppy started to laugh and giggle,
He continued to giggle and giggle and giggle,
Until the show became senseless,
Little Poppy clapped and clapped and clapped,
Until he finally cried,
"You guys are so great,
I can't even wait!!!!!"

Year after year passed after that wonderful day,
Poppy became the most famous of the clowns,
and the most gay,
Before every show,
Poppy would pray and meditate,
To steady his nerves, his mind, his soul,
Whatever he did,
the crowd would laugh and laugh and laugh
and laugh some more.

Days, months, years passed
Wars, famines, fads didn't matter,
Just the show,
and the performance.
It didn't matter though,
even on a poor day,
the crowd would laugh and laugh and laugh
and laugh some more.

After another flawless performance,
Poppy felt so happy,
He knew he was gonna do it,
He took his Super Soaker out on stage,
And pulled the trigger,
The crowd laughed and laughed and laughed
And laughed some more.

*This poem is a part of the Poppy saga and a parallel of an older poem of mine called Psycho Circus.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nap For A Year And A Half

Poppy Perrywinkle was the Wizard's apprentice,
He sweated and worked,
Night and day,
All for the sake of eternal knowledge.

One day the wizard said,
"I'm gonna take a nap,
Here's my magic hat,
Don't forget to feed the cat."

Poppy took care of his chores,
And granted the people their wishes,
He gave them this and he gave them that,
Whatever they wanted out of his magic hat.

The cows became fat,
The girls became thin,
The men became lazy,
And the boys became rude.

Everybody had what they wanted,
But no one was happy,
They liked living in honest work,
And resented their silver spoon.

One day on the eve of morn,
The people sluggishly started a mob,
To get Poppy the Apprentice,
Kicked out of town.

After a year and a half,
The Wizard awoke from his nap,
He put everything back,
With a woosh of his wand.

He told his apprentice,
Some enlightening advice:

"A need is a need,
And a want is a want,
Nobody can tell the difference,
Nobody's God."

*This poem is based off the poem and Fantasia segment The Sorcerer's Apprentice. I was hoping for it to be a continuing point on the Poppy Perrywinkle saga and to be slightly anti-consumerist I guess. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Monkey and the Crab

Now folks, here's a story about a monkey and a crab,
The monkey treated him oh so bad,
But the crab paid him back,
Paid him back double.



The monkey threw a rotten fruit
Right on top of his head,
The crab he cried and cried and cried,
"I will get you back my friend."



The crab laying in his bed,
Whispered to his closest friends,
"It is my last wish,
Get that son of a bitch!"



The gun, the peanut, and the bee,
The angry, bitter three,
Sent that evil monkey,
Back up his tree.



The monkey came back in shame,
He told the crab he was to blame,
They hugged and became friends
And all was well in the end.

*This poem is a scat based on the Japanese child's tale The Monkey and Crab War or

Saru-Kani Gassen

*I based the scat off the song Minnie the Moocher by Cab Calloway.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Smokey's Story

Smokey is a duck,
Who was happy as can be,
Living in the lake,
Fabulous and free.

Then one day,
The oil rig came,
Splattered Smokey,
in sticky sickening sludge.

Like an anchor it dragged him down,
Before he could take his dive,
Sinking in the murky water,
Life leaving his brown decrepit body.

But alas,
An old hippie came,
Cleaned off the spots and scars,
Smokey became a brand new duck.

With his feet on the ground,
And his wings to the sky,
He became a symbol of justice,
A new hope for all.

* This is a poem for hope. A few people might see this as a liberal, environmentalist thing, but I wasn't aiming for that. I made it for Jenn Meyer because she is the inspiration for this poem.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Dragon in Disguise

You can tell,
A dragon in disguise,
No matter what shape,
No matter what size,
You can always tell,
Through the eyes,
Those yellow, beady eyes.

A dragon in disguise,
In sheep's clothing,
Hunting sheep,
Hunting at night,
While the lambs were all asleep.

A dragon in disguise,
Was caught by the white knight,
He saw through the beady eyes,
Scared of the holy light,
Scared of the love and life,
The dragon died from fearful fright.

You could tell,
A dragon in disguise,
No matter what shape,
No matter what size,
You could always tell,
Through the eyes,
Those yellow, beady eyes.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bubble Boy #2

I am the Bubble Boy,
Stuck in the bubble,
I am the outsider,
Lost in a pocket.

I may not feel the waves crash,
I may not feel the bee sting,
Or the dog bite,
But I'll never be sad,
In my secure little bubble.

*This is a "redo" or "remix" of my 2nd poem ever. Enjoy!!!

You're My Memory

A memory is a memory is a memory,
Is a thought, is a feeling,
Is perception, is pleasure,
Is pain,
Is a memory, is Life.

How can I explain?
What a pleasure it has been,
To live with you,
To laugh with you,
During the good times and the bad.
You've always been there,
To have and to hug.

The best part of you,
Is that you are forever,
As long as love truly exists.

How can I explain?
What a day it was,
How horrid,
How dreadful,
How memorable.

A sheep with cloth,
Held over its eyes,
Could still hear the screams of the slaughtered,
And so could I.

I knew it was happening,
I couldn't do anything,
I was helpless.

A lamb in the corn,
I couldn't stop it,
But why should I?
I knew he was going to a better place.

How can I explain?
The weeks, the months of pain,
I scratch your back,
You stab mine.

Twist the blade,
Even deeper,
Till it touches the heart,
And it begins to bleed.

You're my memory,
That's all you'll ever be,
As Johnny Thunders said,
"You can't put your arms around a memory*."

*Both Johnny Thunders and Ralph Kramden used it in the Honeymooners

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Thousand Voices

A thousand drops of water,
Leads to an ocean.

A thousand pieces,
Finish a puzzle.

A thousand lies,
Lead to the truth.

A thousand twigs,
Build a tall tree.

With a thousand minds,
A thousand voices break the silence,
They can turn the tide,
Of any man, fiend or foe.

A thousand doves,
Flying high in the sky,
Can steal the hearts of men,
And there shall be war no more.

When a thousand tired eyes,
Open their sleepy lids,
And gaze their watchful gaze again,
The world will finally be free.

A thousand ideas,
Come together,
To make only one,

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Angels Will Dance At Your Grave

The Angels Will Dance At Your Grave,
They'll laugh, they'll sing,
They'll dance a jig,
All to send you on straight to Heaven.

No wonder they'll dance,
Your soul is light,
That shines upon the Earth,
Gives strength to mankind,
And everlasting hope to us all.

No wonder they'll dance,
Your tears are sweet rain,
Candied gumdrops,
Waiting to be eaten,
Your tears are worth more than the finest jewels.

The Angels are already dancing,
Waiting for you to come home,
Because any angel knows,
One of their own.

This poem should be a happy one. It was a request by Nikee Rivera because she was having a bad day. So I tried to make it extra cute and sweet. Enjoy!