Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My 3 Day Weekend

I don't have lyrics about my 3 Day weekend, but whatever. Saturday was fun because I went to a Bar Mitzvah of a kid named Matthew Trujillo. The service wasn't long, only an hour and five minutes. My Bar Mitzvah was not so good. It was right after my dad died and it was at least 3 hours long. I'm digressing. The party was almost fun too. Notice how I said ALMOST. Mat is friends with this small Jewish kid from his school. This kid gave me a theory. The bigger the nose, the more annoying the Jew. This kid had a nose that took up 1/2 his body. It was bulbous. He works in my theory because he was as annoying as sweaty man testicles. He kept telling me he could kill me. Even if I didn't do karate, he couldn't even touch me. Next, comes the part about the Robot dance I had to do with Mat. (I should get pictures of me doing the dance soon.) He and I both had to practice it so we didn't look like complete retards. We're practicing it in another room of the building and this kid with the nose asks us if we were MASTURBATING with each other. The food was good and I was able to persuade Mat to drop that Jew and get other friends.
Sunday was just a weird day for me. My mother, her boyfriend, and I went up to visit my grandmother and see my father's gravestone. First, we saw my dad's grave and we said Jewish death prayers. When we were going to other family graves, we saw a gigantic peregrine falcon perched on an old gravestone. It looked like this:
I truly think this majestic bird was sent down from God or my Father. The falcon and I stared at each other for a few seconds and I thought we had some sort of connection. Then my mother and her boyfriend and were talking loudly and they scared the falcon away. I thought of the peregrine falcon all the way home from Upstate new York.
Monday was kind of boring. I worked on an AP Government & Politics project for two hours at the library. Then I saw the movie Body of Lies with my friend Matthew Apploff. the movie was good, but kind of long and drawn out.


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