Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We Are Born With A Chance!

This is from Rise Above by Black Flag. I just wanted to prove I listen to punk as well as heavy metal and classic rock. They are right in the song though. In America, we are born with a chance. It's called Education. I know I kind of sound like an old, conservative fart, but education is the great equalizer. A poor, intelligent person can have the same opportunities as a middle class or wealthy, intelligent person; if he plays his cards right. But you're saying WAIT, WAIT, WAIT! What about mentally retarded and special ed kids? They aren't going to have the same opportunities as a smarter person, but at least they have a chance to get a real job with a good salary. That's why I'm against homeschooling. Have you seen how those kids act? They are socially inept weirdos. My taekwondo instructor took in a class of homeschoolers to make extra money. Those kids don't walk or talk right. I don't think you have to become a bureaucrat if you have an education. My aunt was going to help starving Africans after college, but had a nervous breakdown and was put in a mental hospital. That kind of shows my point, but I thought the story was kind of funny.

Have a good one.

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