Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Skulls and Smiley Faces

One and one half wandering fools,
Wandering through the desert sand,
Then the Skull met the Smiley Face,
And By God,
There was rain.

They were once two,
But now two faces twirled into one,
All was good,
As good as good can be.

But all of a sudden,
The Skull called it quits,
Said it would be better,
If they just stayed friends.

The Smiley Face wasn't smiling,
When she heard the news,
The Smiley Face took aim with her forty-four,
Five times with a rooty-toot-toot.
The sad Smiley said,
"He's my man, and he done me wrong"*

*The last 4 lines are directly based on a part of the American folk song Frankie and Johnny.

This is a very odd poem. It's based on Ivan Quezada and Deeana Altvater's relationship that recently ended. I was a little sad when I heard because they were my favorite couple. Even better than Brangelina. So, I decided I'd write a poem about it. This is very fictional. Ivan is alive and well. I didn't want any details so I could have more creative freedom with it. Well I went wild with it and here it is. Enjoy!

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