Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Flash of the Silvery Spoon

Poppy Perrywinkle was a spoiled boy,
A brat one might say.

One day Poppy was walking down the street,
Minding his own business,
When in a flash of lightning,
Down flew a silvery spoon,
Right in front of Poppy's feet.

He greedily picked up the superb spoon,
and left it in his room,
But he couldn't stop thinking about it.
It clung to his mind,
Like vines to a tree.

he started eating everything with it,
soup turned to ice cream,
oatmeal to pudding,
cereal to pie,
He ate everything and anything with the silvery spoon.

One day he realized a horrible truth,
His beloved silvery spoon,
Was nothing more than a heinous hook,
That left holes,
Holes in his mouth,
In his heart.

*I think this version is better. Thank you to Randi Fischer for editing it.

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