Sunday, February 1, 2009

Published Test Sonnet

* I might be mother f-ing published. No fucking kidding. The YPS is requesting i make a sonnet so i will. It will be my greatest challenge yet.

Yesterday I was hit by a car,
When I heard the ambulance I immediately fled,
but realized I might be dead,
So I ran to the nearest bar,
To get a cigar and smoke it afar,
The barkeep stared right at me as I bled,
And not a thing he said,
So I walked on through the concrete and tar,
Now I started getting scared,
What really frightened me the most,
was the thought that I might be a ghost
Because it seemed that nobody cared,
That my body was toast,
Or that my shape was impaired.
A funny thing occured when someone bumped into me,
I realized I might not be dead, but just be a teen.