Monday, February 23, 2009

Danse Macabre*

She walks in to the ballroom,
Her dress is immaculate,
A satin, white gown*,
Entrancing and angelic,
She is the life of the party,
The radiant diamond in a valley of rocks.

The last dance,
The final dance has come!
Everyone is taken,
But she has been forsaken.

Lo and behold,
Here comes a man,
No mere man,
Dressed in a stately black suit,
He is majestic, noble,
Like a king, but not unlike a beggar as well,
He is elegant and humble,
Her perfect match.

No words are spoken,
They dance,
Slow at first,
Her heart beats BA......BOOM,
Then faster,
Even faster their legs intertwined,
They are one whirling blur,
One love, one heart, one soul,

The music is done,
The dance is over,
She collpases on the floor,
Her eyes roll back in her head,
She is positively dead.

She walks slowly,
Arms intertwined with the man,
He kindly stops for her,
The carriage held just for themselves,
And Immortality.

" No matter one's station in life, the dance of death unites all."

*Danse Macabre is Dance of Death in French.
*This is a very vague reference. If you get it you deserve a cookie.

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