Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Giving Tree

One fine spring day,
I found a petite little seed,
With one kiss,
I gave it life.

I dug it into the Earth,
I watered her,
I sang to her,
I tried to make her happy.

Eventually a sprout came,
A beautiful little sprout,
With fragrant little leaves,
And roots that ran deep.

A righteous urge,
A dutiful delight,
A smile on my face,
An amazing happiness in my heart.

Birds in the sky,
Breeze drifting by,
Sun shining bright,
All of us connected.

From seed to sprout to tree,
I've learned to love,
A giving tree,
Gave me so much with so little.

A new day,
A new life,
A new world,
All for me.

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