Friday, May 1, 2009

The Size of an Ant

Little ants,
Rushing to and fro,
A hurried tread,
A worried dread,
Life in the bubble,
Only leads to trouble.

My boot is raised,
The target is marked,
Ready to destroy,
Their home in the park.

Something stops me,
From delivering the final blow,
A final thought:
How am I different from the ants in the hill?

I like God,
Can in a whim,
Destroy a life, a family, a world,
With the selfish flick of my foot or the thoughtless brush of my hand.


Why must I do this to these lives?
These beings of flesh and life,
We are no different the ant and I,
Just 2 individuals trying to live life,
Trying to survive in our separate jungles.

God always has his boot raised,
His target marked,
Nothing stops him from delivering the final blow,
except love and compassion.

All we are are ants,
Rushing to and fro,
Always treading,
Always dreading,
Life in the bubble.

I learned the size of an ant that day,
And also the size of a human heart.

*I think this is a pretty good poem. I would like to thank everybody who answered my anthill questions. They really helped a lot. This is my 1st poem in a while so all I have to say is have fun.