Sunday, May 17, 2009

From the Dark They've Come

"From the dark they've come,
Among obscurity they've lived,
And to the hereafter they've gone."
-From a grave in Muçum, Brazil

The banshees, the demons,
The ghosts, the goblins,
The shades, the shadows,
The wraiths and the zombies.

The lost souls,
Wandering, crawling, creeping,
Roaming the graveyards,
Searching for something they'll never find.

Why did these spirits,
Give up their eternities,
Forever and ever?

For you and for me,
For the past, present, and future,
For all the countless innumerable masses,
So that we do not have to walk down their tragic path.

The unsung heroes,
The terrible villains,
The unknown masses,
These are the forgotten souls,
Who stroll down the lonely road called Death.

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