Sunday, May 10, 2009


From birth, one sees the light that shines on the cheeks
Evolved from the womb to achieve something great
Matured and established through the years it became
With optimism that success shall speak

Journeyed through the halls and walls of knowledge
In hope to inflate the mind with a pledge;
A promise, an oath, a chronic living conscious
That propels you to reach for the top

Alas! free from the confines of never-ending comprehension
Only to be thrown into the hell hole that awaits us all
Soon enough, you stumble to regain your posture,
Brush off your shoulder, and utter words of encouragement,
“I will be something, I will attain happiness, I will succeed!”

Finally, immersed into the reality of the business world,
You search for the ideal piece to fit into a 300 piece puzzle.
Thus, the piece is found and your profession is set with the words of success,
Soon enough, you are walking on the roads of accomplishment and achievement
And that is what the monstrosity of success brings

The road to continuous triumph is not always vacant
Obstructions and obstacles are always a present danger
They slow down the means of being successful
And at times, may even halt the production of victory

Angered by these stupid impediments
It drives you to become untamed in nature and seek for that previous state of security
Obsession with success is what has transformed your once humble mind
The boundless yearning to thirst upon bliss, sanctuary, and money-making has been entwined.

As the years roll on,
the initial brilliance soon loses its radiance and turns to darkness,
Vitality decreases and the tomb majestically creeks open
The time has passed only to bring upon a dissolution of maturity
With desperation that success shall never speak.

*Anthony Castro wanted more credit so he wrote it and I edited and mentored it. This is also my 25th Poem Anniversary so HOORAAY!!!!!!!!! Hopefully there'll be 25 more to come.

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