Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mental Preparation

Today is Wednesday and I am mentally preparing for my electronics fast. What most people don't really know is I am punished for this whole school vacation. I am punished for actually using the computer when I wasn't supposed to. (How ironic!) I should tell you the readers why I am doing this electronics fasting. It is truly to stop this addiction i have to electronics that most kids have nowadays. It is sick how today kids would be so lost without their electronic gadgets, toys, and other crap. I am an example. I'm not as bad as other kids, but I still get anxious when I don't check my e-mail. The 2nd main reason is if i do this electronic fasting I will "cut a huge puppet string" in my life. One of the many ways my mother controls me is through these electronic "privileges". If i do this, hopefully i will gain some desperately needed freedom. After Monday Thales Bellucci will be typing my blogs for me. What i will do is write my blogs on paper and give them to him and he will just type them for me. I thank Thales from the heart of my bottom. Just kidding. Truly he is a great person to know and a good friend as well. I'll see you on the other side.

Excelsior for now!

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