Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Here Is a Place That Is No Place, And Here Is No Place That Is a Place

The title is the first and second lines of the poem MADHOUSE by Calvin C. Hernton. Once again I must thank Thales for writing this while I am on my electronics fast. On Thursday, I was still mentally preparing for my fast. I watched Forrest Gump because I knew wouldn't see it for a long time. It was amazing as always, but one part struck me more than usual, the part where Forrest ran from one side of the USA to the other. The running he said gave him hope and helped figure out his life. After the movie, I decided to take a walk myself. I don't run because running is for people who have places to go. So walking by myself at night, got me minorly depressed. I kept walking and then I saw my old elementary school. I decided to walk over there for no particular reason. I went on the playground and swung on the swings because those were my favorite when I was young. When I did that, I had a very spiritual experience. I "met" and "saw" young Jonathan who I believe is my spiritual core. It was a very metaphysical experience. You WOULD NOT understand. What I learned is that at heart, I am just a young child who wants to be loved. Before I left the playground, I started tearing up because I knew I would not need to go back. I left and kept walking, but I was still depressed. While I was walking some kid who knew me called to me. I think it may have been Tom Perry. That brought me out of my depression in a second. I realized right then and there that I really don't need anything else except the love and respect of my friends and hopefully girlfriend if it all works out well. After that I just walked to see how far I could go. I walked from one side of my neighborhood to the other. I walked for 2 and 1/2 hours. My feet were blue and I was tired, but it was all worth it.

As told by Thales, Sincerely
Jon S.

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