Monday, August 17, 2009

You're My Memory

A memory is a memory is a memory,
Is a thought, is a feeling,
Is perception, is pleasure,
Is pain,
Is a memory, is Life.

How can I explain?
What a pleasure it has been,
To live with you,
To laugh with you,
During the good times and the bad.
You've always been there,
To have and to hug.

The best part of you,
Is that you are forever,
As long as love truly exists.

How can I explain?
What a day it was,
How horrid,
How dreadful,
How memorable.

A sheep with cloth,
Held over its eyes,
Could still hear the screams of the slaughtered,
And so could I.

I knew it was happening,
I couldn't do anything,
I was helpless.

A lamb in the corn,
I couldn't stop it,
But why should I?
I knew he was going to a better place.

How can I explain?
The weeks, the months of pain,
I scratch your back,
You stab mine.

Twist the blade,
Even deeper,
Till it touches the heart,
And it begins to bleed.

You're my memory,
That's all you'll ever be,
As Johnny Thunders said,
"You can't put your arms around a memory*."

*Both Johnny Thunders and Ralph Kramden used it in the Honeymooners

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