Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nap For A Year And A Half

Poppy Perrywinkle was the Wizard's apprentice,
He sweated and worked,
Night and day,
All for the sake of eternal knowledge.

One day the wizard said,
"I'm gonna take a nap,
Here's my magic hat,
Don't forget to feed the cat."

Poppy took care of his chores,
And granted the people their wishes,
He gave them this and he gave them that,
Whatever they wanted out of his magic hat.

The cows became fat,
The girls became thin,
The men became lazy,
And the boys became rude.

Everybody had what they wanted,
But no one was happy,
They liked living in honest work,
And resented their silver spoon.

One day on the eve of morn,
The people sluggishly started a mob,
To get Poppy the Apprentice,
Kicked out of town.

After a year and a half,
The Wizard awoke from his nap,
He put everything back,
With a woosh of his wand.

He told his apprentice,
Some enlightening advice:

"A need is a need,
And a want is a want,
Nobody can tell the difference,
Nobody's God."

*This poem is based off the poem and Fantasia segment The Sorcerer's Apprentice. I was hoping for it to be a continuing point on the Poppy Perrywinkle saga and to be slightly anti-consumerist I guess. Enjoy!

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