Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm a Blog Virgin!

This is my first blog. Yahoo! I'm basically doing this because everyone else is doing it. I'm being a conformist. Shut Up! Just Shut Up! I know I'm being a conformist, but I can't be a nonconformist all the time. I took that from Billy Madison if anyone's interested. I basically hate my life. I am bored most of the time. Today I went to the Old Bridge Public library to work on a Sociology project. Sociology is my favorite class. I have Vincent Yeager sitting in back of me and Erica Wilkey in front of me. It is never dull. Mr. Bullalo, I don't know if I'm spelling it right, is the coolest teacher ever. My red fish named Red's bowl is getting dirty. It's starting to look like Auschwitz during WWII. I know it's a Holocaust joke, and I'm a jew, but I can do it because this is MY BLOG! Ya know what sucks, Paul Newman died today. I still hope he has his salad dressings they were good. I lied I don't eat salads. My next blog will be shorter I promise.

Excelsior ( I took that from Stan Lee. I'm kind of a geek.)

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Jonathan Steinklein said...

your such a noobish geek!!!!!!!!