Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bubble Boy

I am the Bubble Boy whose bubble just burst,
I feel like I am sucker punched,
There's no oxygen, no air,
I am falling in crap,
In the happiness of my toilet,
Without my bubble,
I feel like I have no arms or legs,
I am just an amputated torso,
The bubble was lighter than air,
It made me rise higher than I ever was,
Even though it was mostly hot air,
It made me happy,
The bigger they are the harder they fall,
Without my bubble,
My pure conscience is infected with feelings of doubt, deception, and disrespect,
Now I am just a boy,
Who's a renegade runnning from his former self,
I am just a Torn Prince.

*Disclaimer: This is not an emo poem. There is no mention of blood, darkness, or death anywhere in the poem. So shut up Nick!

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